Social Studies Weekly

Year 3 Volume 16 ~ January 15, 2016

Welcome to Our New Newsletter!

We are trying something new for 2016.

This will be the new format for our weekly newsletter. Let us know what you think.

Tripp Jeffers

A special thank you to Tripp Jeffers for sharing several constructed response questions for AM2 as well as a final review for AM1 and AM2. These are in the appropriate unit assessment folders in Haiku.

This Week in Social Studies

World History

As we start the semester, remember there is an entire unit plan for units 2, 4, and 11. If you need help figuring out how to use them, feel free to contact Melissa.

Civics and Economics

So, is Ted Cruz eligible to run for office? What a great time to teach Civics. Use the news to help develop provocative questions.

If you have any great strategies on incorporating the election, let us know. We would love to share them with your peers.

American 1

We start with exploration. But, don't get too invested. There are only two days in the pacing guide for exploration. The focus is on the cultural (religion), economic and political changes that led to exploration. It is not about all of the explorers.

American 2

The first unit is very short and picks up right were AM1 ended. While Manifest Destiny and Civil War/Reconstruction addressed some of the content in this unit, Populism is new.

Tripp Jeffers shared some constructed responses he used last semester. They are in Haiku.

In the Classroom:

Opportunities and Information

New Winston Museum Salon Series

"Disabilities" - Institution to Revolution Thursday January 28th at 5:30

Opportunity for Those Teaching African American and/or Latino Studies

Grant for Student Projects in Commonweal

As mentioned at the August RC day, there is a grant opportunity for students wanting to implement Civic Action from lessons learned in Commonweal. Check it out.

Message from Melissa

You have made it to the 2nd Semester! Congratulations. You are awesome!!

We have a long weekend and a workday ahead of us before we start fresh on Wednesday. It will be a long haul until Spring Break so be sure to relax this weekend. Be sure to take some time to reflect on what worked and what you would like to improve upon.

As always, let me know if I can help you with anything. And, please share your great ideas. The more we collaborate and share the easier our jobs become.

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