Come Tour Africa!

By: Tupoutu'a Fifita

Places To Visit

  • Sahara Desert
  • Nile River
  • Serengeti Plain
  • Mount KIlimanjaro

Sand Surfing?

Ever been sand surfing? Well, the Sahara Desert is the world's largest desert and is an amazing place to sand surf. It has an area of 3,500,000 square miles. Sand dunes cover 15% of the Sahara. "Stone Deserts" which is plateaus of bare rock or areas of coarse gravel, cover 70% of the region. The rest is covered with mountains, oases, and transitional zones. It has one of the harshest climates.

Bungee Jump!!!!

The Nile River is an amazing place to go bungee jumping. You can also go White Water Rafting. Watch out for crocodiles! The Nile River is 4,160 miles long. It is the longest river in the World. It goes through parts of Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Zaire. It is an important source of hydroelectric power.

Lets Go On An Adventure!

Ready to take a Safari? Africa has this amazing place called the Serengeti Plain. IT is located in north central Tanzania. It is 100 miles east and southeast. It ahs some of the best grassland area in central and east Africa. There is a National Park with a wildlife refuge with more than 500 species of animals.

Do you love to Hike or go spend time in the Mountains?

Mount Kilimanjaro is a place to be in Africa. It is located in northeast Tanzania. It is the highest mountain in Africa. It is an extinct volcano, and rises in 2 peaks, Kibo which is 19,340 feet tall, and Mawenzi which is 17,564 feet tall. Coffee and plantains grow in the lower southern slopes.
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