Some Info on the Koala, by Nikolai Adams

Some information on the koala.

The Koala's latin name is Phascolarctos cinereus. There are less than 80,000 koalas left in the world, some say there may be as many as 43,000 koalas left. The koalas community is more of a home range. The koalas like to live in bushland, coastal islands, tall eucalyptus forests to low woodlands inland, those are the koalas habitats. Koalas are strictly arboreal mammals; this is where they live in and feed on leaves of eucalyptus trees. These two things are 100% essential in determining a suitable habitat for the koala population, that is their niche. There are three major biomes in Australia. each has it's own organisms and climate. Tropical, rain forest or eucalyptus forests with mountain ash and gum trees. The koala has feet well adapted for their life in the trees. Another physical adaption is the koala's thick wool coat that acts to keep its body cool in hot weather, warm in cold weather and repels water in rain. The koala also has a big nose because they are really dependent on their sense of smell.
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  1. Koalas are not bears, it is incorrect to call them koala-bears.
  2. Koalas are mostly nocturnal.
  3. There is a myth that Koalas sleep so much because they "get drunk" on gum-leaves.
  4. Koalas new born are called "Joey's".
  5. An adult koala eats about 1/2-1 kilograms of leaves each night.
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