By: Josh and Terri (Ranchers)

Job Requirements

Must: Know how to ride a horse well, because you will be on a horse practically all the time.

Must: be good with cattle because you will be with cattle practically all the time.

Responsibilities and Duties

You would be responsible for a lot of cattle. (As shown in the picture above.)

Long Drives: Long drives are the drive of the cattle to the trains that would take them where they would be sold for a lot more money.

Open Range: Open Range is the large open field where you will collect the cattle.

Challenges and Obstacles

  • Not getting trampled alive from falling off your horse.
  • Keeping as many cattle alive as possible.
  • Staying out in the sun all day.
  • Also riding a horse all day.


  • You get to travel a lot.
  • You will get paid well.
  • You get to meet a lot of people.


You will be working on an open range with lot of cattle and you will be going up the Chisholm Trail. It will go through many states/places such as Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Montana, and Wyoming