Rebecca's diary

dear journal, I am Rebecca and I'm 8years old, my birthday is august 9th ,1928. I live in Antwerp, Belgium. Antwerp is a small town not a lot of people. Its very hard sometimes being controlled by rules that's the Nazis made for us.but the weather is quit cold on a daily basis, usually its 42F. the sun shines once or twice, maybe three times. Every two weeks, but it is very rare to see the sun shine four times. its mostly foggy, rainy, dreary and humid. the humidity is 86 percent .mother always makes me, Becky and Ben were coats when its cold outside because its usually freezing. Becky and ben are my two siblings. Antwerp is a cold, chilly but actually a nice town. we my not have a luxurious life but it works for me and my family. Becky is 10years old sister, ben is my 5years old brother. Becky is probably one of the most nicest person you would ever meet, she is so honest, sweet and humble, to so many people. unlike ben who is a little troublemaker who is so immature. and will stick his tongue out he's a little rascal. but we all love him. and we also live with my cat Marcie, she just turned two years old two weeks ago she a lover, so sweet and adorable. but ben doesn't like her he says she's a troublemaking fur ball. on the other hand Becky loves her just like me. in my head almost everyday I say I want to be just like Becky she a great, responsible leader and want one to be that also. she's talked so many times about how she wants to grow up and be a writer or a journalist, just like our mom. ben on the other hand wants to be a firefighter, which I think is actually a good career to look forward too. but its going to be hard since we have so many rules to follow. its like living in a box, you only have a few things your allowed to do. but I hope we can make it work one day. goodnight diary I will wright in you tomorrow.