By: Catherine Comerford

Asta's Son's Crimes

Asta's son has been reported of theft from Lord Furnival's Manor house. He has also been seen after curfew. Asta's son is now officially declared wolf's head. Any villager is allowed to kill him, or bring him back and ye may torture him. Thy last place Asta's son was spotted was in the woods, with Father Quinel in the church, and near our mill. Thy villagers set up a trap for Asta's son, but yet it failed. He is now on the run. Ye must go every way to discover his hiding places. Looking parties will be setting out in few days.


Bring Him Back

If ye does capture Asta's son, we have a reward of twenty shillings. We do want Asta's son to either come back alive, or dead. If ye does not have thy proof to prove you killed Asta's son, we will not reward you. This reward is as much as a half year of work. Asta's son is very small boy. He is around thirteen years old. He has dark hair, a pale skin tone, and a frail look. Asta's son is indeed a wary boy, but he has the mind of the devil.

Collect Ye Reward

After you bring Asta's son to our village, bring him to Lord Furnival's manor house. You will meet up with John Aycliffe and he will give you the twenty shillings. Indeed, you will be praised by many people in our land. You must tell John Aycliffe your story, and where he was. From there ye will give him what is left of Asta's son.