KO Dual Credit


Eligible high school students are offered an opportunity to earn college credit while simultaneously completing high school requirements.Students may elect to take any KISD approved dual credit course. However, courses offered only online or taken at a Lone Star College campus will receive grade points based on a letter grade conversion. College credit is provided by Lone Star College-University Park.

KO Dual Credit procedures

To apply for a dual credit class, students will need to meet the necessary student eligibility requirements and then submit registration forms.

  1. Talk to your high school counselor or Ms. Wallace for approval before proceeding.
  2. Apply for Admission to Lone Star College
  3. Review placement score requirements for dual credit students
  4. If not TSI exempt, complete the TSIA pre-assessment activity through your myLoneStar account and click on applicant tile. This is a state requirement that must be completed before being allowed to take the TSI assessment
  5. Sign up to take the TSI exam at KOHS in May or at LSC anytime during the school year. A testing form can be obtained from Ms. Wallace via email at awallace3@kleinisd.net .
  6. Review areas where you are weak before taking the TSI Assessment
  7. Take the TSI Assessment at the Assessment center at LSC-University Park.
  8. Satisfy Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Requirement (if taking classes on Lone Star Campus)
    Students attending classes on the Lone Star College campus are required to provide documentation regarding their bacterial meningitis vaccination. The State of Texas requires that students attending classes at a public college or university must have a current bacterial meningitis vaccination (not older than 5 years). Lone Star College partners with Magnus Health to submit documentation of bacterial meningitis records for approval. There are also procedures in place for those students who have a medical reason that prevents them from obtaining the vaccination or a conscientious objection to obtaining the vaccination.
  9. Complete and submit enrollment documents along with PSAT/ TSI scores in schoology in the dual credit course.
  10. Submit payment for dual credit classes on your mylonestar account.


How much are classes?

3 credit hours $78

4 credit hours $104

6 credit hours $156

9 credit hours $234

What happens if a student earns a D or an F in a Dual Credit class?

If a student earns a D in a dual credit course he/she may receive high school credit, however a D does not transfer to another institution. This would result in the student needing to retake the college course to transfer the credit earned.
If a student earns an F in a dual credit course, he/she will not receive high school or college credit for the course. Students earning a dual credit grade below C will no longer be eligible to continue in the dual credit program.

A student must earn a C or higher to continue to be eligible to enroll in dual credit courses.

What is the process for dropping or withdrawing from a Dual Credit class?

If a student chooses to withdraw from a college course, he or she must contact Ms. Wallace FIRST. Ms. Wallace can assist the student in withdrawing from the college side of a dual credit course. The student must complete and submit an official college Withdrawal Form prior to the college's last official date for withdrawal. Failure to do so could result in the student receiving an "F" on his/her official LSC transcript. The student will also need to work with their high school counselor to enroll in the appropriate high school course.

What are the consequences of dropping a Dual Credit course after the official drop date?

Withdrawals after the official drop-date may result in a student receiving an F on the student’s college transcript.

I need instructional/testing accommodations for my college course, who do I contact?

If you require any instructional and/or testing accommodations, you must contact Lone Star's Disability Services office.

Please contact:

LSC-University Park




I am locked out of my MyLoneStar account and/or cannot remember my username/password, can you help me?

A: You must contact the MyLoneStar help desk at 832-813-6600 or ots@lonestar.edu.

What courses are currently offered at Klein oak?

Automotive 1 (AUMT 1406/1407)

Automotive 2

BIM 2 (BCIS 1305)

Biology (BIOL 1406/1407)

Business Law (BUSI 2301)

College Algebra (MATH 1314)

Dance Appreciation (DANC 2303)

English 3 (ENG 1301/1302)

English 4 (ENG 2322/ 2323)

Psychology (PSYC 2301) after school online

Texas Government (GOVT 2306)

U.S. History (HIST 1301/1302)

U.S. Government ( GOVT 2305)

*Physics (University of Texas on ramps)

Textbooks & Supplies

Students are responsible for purchasing textbooks required for the course. Text and materials will be available through the college bookstores. Book costs vary each semester as do the selection of textbooks that instructors choose for the course. Payment for textbooks is made separate from tuition/fees.

Klein Oak High School

For questions contact Allison Wallace - Dual Credit Counselor

Dual Credit 101

Fall Registration begins

Monday, April 12th 2021 at 7am

This is an online event.

Fall Registration ends

Friday, May 21st 2021 at 3pm

This is an online event.