Muhammad Ali

By Dairane Ramirez


January 17,1942

Famous For

Greatest athletes in boxing history

Early Life

He was a boxer, a philanthropist, and a social activist.


Louisville central High school.

Adult life

He was n the Olympic boxing .He was a god of boxing.In 1960 he won the Olympic gold.

Quotable quotes

I hated every minute of training but i said Dont quite suffer know and live the rest of your life as a champion .

life lesson

He try'd to teach us to never quit and to look where you end.

In five words

Brave, strong, confident, nice, and a champion.

Fast Facts

He retired from boxing . He had 9 kids and 4 wifes . He was band. He was the first one to knock down Sonny Liston. Also he portraged himself in four different motion pictures.
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Muhammad Ali Speech