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January 10, 2019

The Catholic Schools Raffle & StMCS Annual Fundraising

Catholic Schools Raffle Tickets were sent home in the Family Folders today. This effort is a very important part of meeting our annual fundraising goal.

Our total fundraising goal for 2018-19 is $230,000 (the same as last year). Fundraising is built into the revenue for our annual budget in order to keep tuition affordable. Meeting this ambitious goal of $230,000 through fundraising keeps tuition down by $600 per student! Everyone benefits from fundraising and we truly need everyone's help!

We have 4 key efforts in which we participate to hit that $230,000 mark:

  1. Fall Marathon ~$95,000 (about 41% of our total goal)
  2. Sales of Scrip gift cards ~$10,000 (about 5%)
  3. Bids for Kids, Spring Auction Gala ~$110,000 (about 48% of our total goal)
  4. Catholic Schools Raffle ~$15,000 (about 6% of our total goal)

Of these four efforts, we have only required a minimum commitment to the Marathon ($375 per family). In good faith, we have relied on everyone to contribute to our other 3 efforts in order to meet the remaining 59% of our overall annual goal. Last year was the first time we fell short. It is critical that we rally together to hit our goal in 2019. Thus, full participation in sales of the Catholic Schools Raffle tickets is imperative.

If every family sells at least 12 of the 20 tickets sent your way, we will exceed the goal for this effort. If every family sells all 20 tickets, it will result in a total profit of $27,000! See your family folder for details on sales and fun incentives!

Please begin selling your tickets Friday, January 11th. If you want to be a leader in sales and have the opportunity to sell tickets after Mass, click the link below to sign up for one or two upcoming weekends.

Cancer Awareness Day & Team Sophia

We are praying for StMCS alum, Sophia Madore, a graduate of our first 8th grade class 6 years ago and a 2017 graduate of STMA. Sophia was diagnosed with Ovarian Germ Cell Cancer in December and started chemotherapy in earlier this month. Prior to her diagnosis, Sophia was attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Members of our parish, Sophia's 2 middle siblings are also StMCS graduates, and her youngest brother, Robbie, is currently in our 8th grade class. Jeff and Monica are her parents.

STMA Basketball has a Cancer Awareness Game coming up on January 22 and have launched a t-shirt fundraiser. Details can be found on the attached flyer called "Team Sophia" or by clicking here to shop:

To show our StMCS support of Sophia, students & staff are invited to wear a "Team Sophia" shirt or other cancer awareness shirt with non-dress code bottoms to school on Tuesday, January 22nd. If you choose to order a t-shirt and select "STMA Catholic School" during the checkout process, we will pick up the shirts and distribute them at school ahead of time so they can be worn on that Tuesday. The order deadline is this Sunday.

2019-20 Preschool Registration!

Preschool registration for StMCS families opens on January 22nd. Please see the attachment for more information.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are now on the calendar.

Grades K-4 will be held on Thursday, February 7 and Tuesday, February 12 from 2:20-7:20 pm.

Middle level conferences will be held in the same open format in the gym on Monday and Tuesday, February 11th and 12th .

Note: Tuesday the 12th is the only shared date for K-8.

Watch future letters for how to schedule time with one or more of our specialists.

January Home & School Newsletter

StMCS Flyers

As we share flyers for school events, we will post them in our E-Folder just one time. You may visit our website for an archived list of past E-Folders.

Enrichment Line-up for All Ages!

Several individual flyers are attached below to get involved in:

Catholic Schools Week Sunday Kick-Off Mass - Sign up by January 16 to participate on 1/27!

Book Club Grades 1-8 - Bring reading to the next level! Due Th, Jan 17

4 His Glory Sports Clinic Grades 3-8 - Focus on playing for the Glory of God! Due Th, Jan 17

SoulCore Grades 4-8 - Exercise that pairs core strength with prayers of the rosary. Due Th, Jan 17

KidzArt Grades K-5 - Where creativity takes flight! Register prior to first class, Jan 28

Pulley Engineers Grades 1-5 - STEM Enrichment using LEGO bricks. Register prior to first class, Feb 6

Community Flyers

As we share opportunities for activities related to the broader community, we do so selectively and we will post them in our E-Folder just one time. You may visit our website for an archived list of past E-Folders.

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