Amelia Annette Benitez

Born june 23,2014

We are proud to announce the birth of our daughter!!

Amelia Annette Benitez

Parents:Ashley Benitez & Henry Cavill

6/23/2014, born at 1:30 am 5lbs 8oz.19 inch.

Excitement and fears

Some of the excitements are that I get to carry my baby and I get to finally spoil her. Some fears are going to be how will she sleep at night, will I be taking good care of her?,Will I be a good parent?


I would prefer giving my baby breast milk because I want my baby to feel connected to me and for them to get their vitamins. I will give them a pacifier but I will also take it away before they get attached. I will do co-sleeping for them to feel more secure but I will have to be very careful.

Ear infection

  • What is it?-When secretions get trapped in the ear, viruses or bacteria can cause an infection and result in reddened eardrum.
  • Symptoms-Earache,fever,drainage from the ear that is thick and yellow or bloody,loss of appetite,vomiting,grumpy behavior
  • Treatments-Most children with ear infection get better without antibiotics.If not the doctor will give antibiotics if the baby appears very ill.
  • An ear infection will last 2-4 days
  • As a mother i would feel very sad seeing my baby in pain. It's heart breaking to see my baby like this I will do whatever it takes for my baby not to suffer.
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Our last experiences together :(

  • Carrying around my baby I actually felt like a real mother caring for her child.Being close to her I felt a connection. It's going to feel weird now that I won't be carrying her anymore but I'll still keep her.Some emotions that were involved throughout this experience were happy,worried that someone would hurt my baby,
  • My friends loved my baby they loved carrying her and they liked looking out for her.They treated her as if she was a real baby.
  • What I mostly liked about this project is that I was able to feel somewhat like a mother.What I least liked is how my flour back was ripping but it is not that bad.
  • The hardest part was being scared that someone will hurt my baby but I didn't have to worry nothing happened to my baby.