Ayn Rand

Gone but Never Forgotten

Her Life

Born February 2, 1905

Died March 6, 1982

Married to Frank O'Conner

Was an Russian American Novelist. She was know for two of her writes, The FountainHead, and Atlas Shrugged

At age 6, self taught herself to read and write

At age 9 she made her career as a fictional writer

As a high school student, she supported the Kerensky Revolution and in 1917, the Bolshevik Revolution.

She then left to avoid all of the fighting and moved to Crimea. There Ayn finished High School.

When her family returned from the Crimea, she entered the University of Petrograd to study philosophy and history.

Ayn Rand's philosophy was Objectivism. Which she felt that existence exists. Also in her philosophy reality is not to be rewritten or escaped, but is solemnly and proudly faced.

First play she was in was called " Women on Trial "

Had books like The FountainHead and Anthem

Her books were made in to movies

Her last writing before she died was Atlas Shrugged

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"I am often asked whether I am primarily a novelist or a philosopher. The answer is: both. In a certain sense, every novelist is a philosopher, because one cannot present a picture of human existence without a philosophical framework. . . . In order to define, explain and present my concept of man, I had to become a philosopher in the specific meaning of the term."

- Ayn Rand