Natural disasters


plate movements

We can tell that the plates have moved because we all used to be together called Pangaea. After millions of years we started to slowly drift apart and become separate. So therefore we can tell that the plate tectonics have moved apart. Geologists say that the movements of convection currents in the mantle is the major force that causes plate motion. The types of boundaries are divergent , convergent, and transform boundaries.


Erosion is running water, wind, or ice loosen and carry away fragments of rock. Three types of erosion are deposition, compaction, and cementation. Deposition is the largest changes to the earth's surface because the particles are loose and they can wiggle around. Cementation can have the least impact on the earth's surface because they are tight together rather than moving around.

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Rocks and Minerals

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the rock cycle

An igneous rocks erosion can turn into sediments and then that can become sedimentary rock. The sedimentary rocks can melt into metamorphic rocks and that becomes magma and lava, and the rock cycle will start all over again.
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One way a mineral can form as hot magma cools inside the crust. Another way a mineral can form as lava hardens on the surface. When these liquids cool to a solid state, they form crystals.

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