Educating for Personal Growth

Guiding Goals

  • To provide personal growth education for diverse needs of individuals and families.
  • To educate individuals and families through addressing life changes and challenges.
  • To provide resources for individuals and families.

Re-Wired On Line Education for Character

Company Overview

This online educational company provides opportunities to teach and influence character, choice making, life learning lessons, parenting and leadership learning opportunities. Ideal students for this program are individuals who are faced with life changing circumstances; jail, detention, house arrest, victims of crimes or in need of assistance for parenting skills. However,these courses are open to anyone who would like to improve their lifestyle.

Coursework can be assigned by the court system, DHS, the school system or another agency; the assigning agency will determine which course or courses the individual will take. Courses will be offered monthly, with classes opening on the 1st of each month. Individuals will be allowed one month to complete the online coursework. Coursework can include reading various books, writing papers corresponding to reflective questions, watching videos, among other options. Students will also complete quizzes electronically. Participants will assume the costs of the course and the corresponding books and/or materials. Google Docs will be used to share participants’ work with their Re-Wired teacher who will use a rubric to grade the level of content and reflection. At the completion of the course, the participant will be required to submit the body of their work to their trackers, court officers, educators, lawyers, judges or whomever assigned the coursework. The assigning agency will then determine how and with whom the work will be shared.

Where Are We Going

Vision - To educate individuals from all walks of life and facilitate personal growth.

Mission Statement - To enrich the quality of life and address challenges facing individuals and families; helping each member, and the family as a whole.

Our Purpose

This company has been designed by three educators who have witnessed the need for more community supports for families in need of assistance. These needs are in the areas of parenting education, character education and leadership education, to name a few. These educators acknowledge that the school system is only able to accommodate so many needs within the school day. Research reveals the lack of mental health services and family supports across Iowa. This company is our attempt at working to fill the deficit areas in our existing system.

Children and adults of today need to become positive leaders, influences and contributors in their own lives and in our community. The children of today will be growing up and having children of their own; they have learned communication patterns and parenting skills from generations before them. It is likely that these skills have been handed down from generation to generation. We hope to influence change in daily behavior by offering courses for individuals that will challenge their thinking about their behavior.

It is important to unite those who are intervening in an individual's life to look at deficit areas and bring all parties together to influence change for the person(s) in crisis. Individuals in need of support will be recommended by the court system, counseling agencies, schools or DHS to take and complete the courses.Our goal is to include families who are currently involved in the court system, as well as those who are not but are looking for opportunities to gain skills which can help them to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle. Courses will be offered to people from all walks of life - parents, grandparents, youth, parents-to-be and children.

Assignments will be written in a reflective manner and turned into the classroom teacher, tracker and Judge. Course offerings will include such topics as parenting, resiliency, character, bullying, anger management, as well as others. These courses will cover ages from birth to grand parenting. Individuals will receive a certificate of completion after they have finished each course to present to the assigning agency or for the person’s own records.

Education from birth to grandparenting, and everything in between.

Other Book Study Courses Offered


Themes : taking responsibility, setting goals, establishing values, building relationships, decision making skills, character building, behavior management, bullying, promotes kindness, academic skill building, taking responsibility, setting goals, establishing values


Themes: building character, behavior, choices, homelessness, mental illness, relationships, poverty, sex, abuse, neglect


Themes :repetitive patterns, communication, habits,relationships, acknowledging the past, looking to the future

Emotional Intelligence

Themes: self awareness, emotional control, self motivation, empathy, handling relationships

Course Sample

Title of Course: Character 109-What Do You Stand For? For Kids, A Guide to Building Character by Barbara A Lewis

(ages 9-13)

Themes: respect, safety, forgiveness, honesty, citizenship, fairness, cooperation, responsibility,caring, relationships

Course survey:

Session One Getting To Know You

  1. Read pages 5-15.

  2. As you read through this chapter, complete the exercises that are given.

  3. When you have completed the sections activities start an online journal keeping tracking of your “Character Muscles”. Each section of your journal will address every chapter of this book and will be part of your final project.

Session Two Caring

  1. Read pages 17-27.

  2. Create a poem expressing what caring brings to your life.

  3. Continue writing in your online journal reflecting on “Caring”.

Session Three Citizenship

  1. Read pages 28-39.

  2. Use the letters of the word CITIZENSHIP and the 7 ways to be a good citizen and define what it means to you.

  3. Continue to write in you online journal reflecting on the meaning of citizenship.

Session Four Cooperation

  1. Read pages 41-52.

  2. Make a cooperative chores chart like the one on page 51.

  3. Continue working on your online journal defining what cooperation means to you.

Session Five Fairness

1.Read pages 53-63.

2. Think about what fairness means to you. In your journal discuss a time where you weren’t treated fairly and how you could have turned it around to show how it could have been a different situation.

3. Continue to journal online regarding what fairness means to you.

Session Six Forgiveness

  1. Read pages 64-76.

  2. In your journal write about 7 ways to be forgiving, and what it means to you.

Session Seven Honesty

  1. Read pages 77-89.

  2. Complete the activity on pages 86-87 involving TV commercials answering the four bullet points that go with it.

  3. Continue in your online journal writing about honesty and what it means to you. Give some examples of how you have been honest in a difficult situation. What happened?

Session Eight Relationships

  1. Read pages 90-106.

  2. Write about how you can build strong relationships in your life.

  3. In you online journal discuss the difference between family relationships and “friends”.

Session Nine Respect

  1. Read pages 107-119.

  2. In your online journal write about respect how you should show it and how you would handle a situation when you feel disrespected.

Session Ten Responsibility

  1. Read pages 120-135.

  2. On page 135 there is a “My Daily Plan” chart. In your online journal discuss how you would use that chart to help you stay responsible.

Session Eleven Safety

  1. Read pages 136-149.

  2. In your online journal write about how safety is part of having good character.

Session Twelve Final Project

  1. Complete your online journal. In your last entry write about what having good character means to you.

End of course survey