A boy at War!

BY: Quinterian Cobbs

historical refrences

Well in the beginning adam has to move to hawaii and he doesnt want to but he or his family doesnt know that they were moving to a place that might have caused world war 2. The historical reference took place december 7th on a sunday morning.

My opinion on the book

My opinion.

I think this book is good because it really gives good details about the bombing of pearl harbor and it also tells alot about about what people were thinking because the book is first person and it tells about other

Main Setting

This book takes place in hawaii on days before and after world war 2 but mostly december 7th 1941. At a guy named adams house


The main character in this book is adam he is the one who tells the story and he also is there at the war. his dad fought in a war and he died on a fighting ship


My main character faced his dad being killed and their was no way to resolve his dad getting killed cause he died in the war.

Quotable quotes

1."A day that will live in infamy"

2. "the japanese are bombing pearl harbor"

3."Ahhhhhh the people around screamed"