Slavery in Eastern Asia

By Kirsten Peters


Everyday in Eastern Asia, millions of children are being forced to work in homes, on farms, and in factories. Of the 250 million kids stuck in slavery world wide, 153 million of them are found in Asia. (Child Labor in Asia, 2013)

Slavery in Eastern Asia

In Eastern Asia, 153 million kids are slaving away for wealthy landowners. 50% of the slaves in Asia work full time with little or no pay. Many are hidden in homes, on farms, in mines, or in factories. (Child Labor in Asia,2013)

Slavery in Homes

Thousands of kids in Asia are forced to work as servants in wealthy homes. They cook, clean, sew, weave, and wait on their rich owners. Many of these kids have been sold by their own parents in an attempt to make a little money off the child! (Child Labor in Asia, 2013) House hold slaves are usually trafficked or bonded by debt that the parents of the slave owe the owner. (Herumin, 2008)

Slavery in Agriculture

70% of all child labor is found in agriculture. Children and their families work up to 13 hours a day in hot, humid, dirty conditions! They harvest crops by hand, pull weeds, and water plants, all while breathing in dangerous pesticides! It has been found that fatal injury is TWICE as likely in farming than in any other occupation. Kids are risking their lives for little or no pay. (Herumin, 2008)

Human Right Violations!?!

  • We are all born free and equal
  • The right to life
  • No slavery
  • No torture
  • No unfair detainment
  • The right to privacy
  • The right to own things
  • Freedom of expression
  • Workers' rights
  • Right to play
  • Food and shelter for all
  • The right to education
  • No one can take away your human rights


  • Kids are sold to avoid poverty (Child Labor in Asia,2013)
  • Lack of education (Herumin, 2013)
  • Human trafficking (Child Labor in Asia, 2013)