We're Expecting

Puppies & Kittens

Will you host a puppy & kitten shower for the HSYC?

The HSYC is overwhelmed by litters of kittens & puppies every spring.

We thought you might host a shower at home, church, school or work and invite kids, family, neighbors and friends. It will be fun and we will be so thankful.

So get to making your invitations, invite your guest, make a cake along with punch, and enjoy the time with your guests while knowing you helped homeless pups and kitties in your community.

Some of the "baby" items that we are in desperate need of include:

KMR Kitten Milk Replacement, dry can formula (PetSmart)

Small Pet Bottles and Nipples

Purina Kitten Chow (yellow bag)

Pedigree Puppy Food

Cloth Baby Towels

Soft Baby Blankets (prefer flannel, is more absorbent)

Moist Towelettes or Wipes

Heating Pads (do not get one's with automatic shutoff)

Any Monetary Donation

Items can be dropped off at:

Wednesday, March 5th, 1pm to Wednesday, April 30th, 4pm

8177 Regent Pkwy

Fort Mill, SC