7 Influential products


Coca Cola

Coca-Cola was invented January 29,


this invention's first purpose was for medical but turned into a carbonated soda in the past 100 years. We chose this product because it won the bracket for most popularity.
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Play station

Playstation was created in December on the 3rd in 1994. It was created when Sony and Nintendo were trying to create a super disk. Sony used a modified version of the super disk to create the PlayStation. We chose this because of its sales prices.
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Red Bull

Red bull was first created in 1984 an Austrian company which sold the drink. It is sold in 167 for a total of 5.612 billion cans in 2014. We chose this product because of it's popularity
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Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper was created in 2008. It is a native Texan that originated from Morrisons old corner drug store. We chose this product because It had one of the most votes in the first round.
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Starbucks was created in 1971. Also, it was originally made in Seatle, Washington. Next, Starbucks has a stock market of 51.6 million and it is the largest coffee shop in the world. Tons of people in Kansas City and many other states around the US are well aware that Starbucks is definitely the highest selling coffee shop.
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This product was in 2001 and was used for Microsoft's first gaming console. We chose this product for it's popularity.
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The Blackberry was made in 1984 and is made by a Canadian tech company. We picked the blackberry because of


long popularity until the fourth round when they got knocked out by coca cola.
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