Comparing App Stores

By: Anthony Bellestri


The Google play store seems to focus more on games than anything. The apple store focuses mostly on music and games. When visiting the apple store main page it advertises ITunes. So the apple store seems to focus more on audio. When you first visit the Google play store it has the top games, so I think this is Google's emphasis.


It seems that the Apple store has lower prices on music, since this is one of their main focuses. Also Apple's paid apps seem less expensive than Google.

Layout and Design

The layout is good for both the Apple store and Google play. Google seemed more colorful though in its design. Apple's appearance seemed dull and gray. It seemed like the Google Play store was easier to instantly view something. There wasn't any icons for apps on the Apple website. Google seemed more straightforward before you even clicked on an app.

App Availability

Most of the apps I liked are in both stores. There aren't many games though than can be played between two different devices. Words with friends and 8 Ball Pool are two good games than can be played between separate devices. Many apps come out on Apple first also, before Android.

Quality of Apps

Both stores have a good amount of Apps. I have noticed that the Apple store is more regulated on its apps. More everyday people can make apps on the Google Play store. This means that the Google store can have many poor quality apps. But both stores have popular well known Apps. But there are more creative apps on Google Play which I prefer.

Submitting Apps

The Apple store is more regulated so it may be harder for an average person to release apps on there. There is a one time fee of $25 dollars to make an app for the Google store. It costs about $50 to make one for Apple, or you can pay $99 a year for unlimited apps. The $99 for unlimited apps would be the most useful if you plan to make many, but for one app, $25 on Google Play is better.