The Human Harmony Teacher Course

Istanbul 2017

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Join the Human Harmony creator for a career-changing international course:

  • Evolve your personal mind-body skills to functional standing positions
  • Expand your practice - no equipment necessary
  • Progress your community to a healthy active lifestyle - standing tall and beautiful!

PILATES.EE Reformer and CoreAlign Studio

  • ??, ?? 30th 2016 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • ??, ?? 31st 2016 10:00am - 6:00pm


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  • Jonathan Hoffman, BPT Grad Dip Manip Ther
Course fee
  • $300
  • $275 - Early Bird (before ?? 20, 2016)
  • $250 - Group registration (5 participants)
Registration and more details
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General info

Human Harmony is a new standing-based body-mind functional method, with a purpose to optimize body movements relevant to the demands of modern life.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn how to teach the 40 Human Harmony exercises
  • Optimise your personal physical performance and understanding

This course is open to:

  • Pilates, CoreAlign and other mind-body instructors
  • Sport performance coaches and trainers
  • Physiotherapists and rehabilitation practitioners
  • Healthcare professionals

Preparations before the course:

  • Start learning and practicing the exercises with the Human Harmony App
  • Become familiar with the exercise philosophy as presented in the book Being Fit

Benefits after the course:

  • Add new Human Harmony classes to your business free of commercial equipment
  • Continue practicing the Human Harmony exercises to an accredited teacher level
  • Become an accredited Human Harmony teacher
  • Enjoy your new look and feel

About Human Harmony

A novel equipment-free body-mind method, focusing on functional standing postures and movements.

The purpose of this method is to build a fit, helathy and capable body that can safely endure and even enjoy the vigorous standing activities of the modern world.

Human Harmony has 40 exercises; 30 standing exercises and 10 Bed/Mat exercises:

  • The exercises are learned in the studio or clinic with an instructor and practiced daily at home
  • When learning the exercises, the 30 standing exercises are divided into BASIC, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED levels
  • Each standing level has 10 standing exercises to learn before progressing to the next level
  • The 10 Bed/Mat exercises are learned in parallel
  • When practicing at home, the clients perform one repetition of each standing exercises they have mastered
  • The home challenge is to perform all the 30 standing exercises harmoniously and in sequence, one repetition each
  • This should not take more than 4 minutes (See video clip below)
  • The Bed/Mat exercises are practiced separately
  • After mastering the Bed/Mat exercises, daily practice of this sequence should last more than 3 minutes
  • Regular enjoyable and pain-free aerobic training and a moderate balanced diet are recommended to obtain a healthy active lifestyle

The creation of this method was inspired by:

  1. Natural human movements
  2. The regular dog and cat stretch
  3. The CoreAlign exercises

Together, the 40 human Harmony exercises represent the body's natural ability to function efficiently and safely. The exercises do not require any purpose made accessories.

In Human Harmony, emphasis is placed on training all the movement components of the body to work in synergy, creating quality harmonious postures and movements. Like all mind-body exercises, each Human Harmony exercise is a learning experience at start. With home practice and studio corrections, the exercises are mastered and become automatic. Correct breathing and relaxation are part of the training, as well as moving harmoniously to the beat of music. For this, the body naturally develops good movement foundations, a good look and a good feel.

As part of the musculoskeletal rehabilitation setting, Human Harmony exercises can serve as a dynamic standing functional test as well as part of the intervention techniques. Additionally, the exercises can be used by athletes to enhance performance and by people who are generally healthy to safely sustain an active lifestyle.

More Info

Course Curriculum

Day 1

Morning session:

  • Human Harmony group class (conducted by teacher)
  • Presentation - The FFF model
  • Learning how to teach - The 10 BASIC exercises
  • The Bed/Mat exercises part 1

Afternoon session:

  • Presentation - Human Harmony Training principles
  • Learning how to teach - The 10 INTERMEDIATE exercises
  • The Bed/Mat exercises part 2
  • Practice session

Day 2

Morning session:

  • Human Harmony group class (conducted by teacher)
  • Presentation - Human Harmony training principles (cont.)
  • Learning how to teach - The 10 ADVANCED exercises
  • The Bed/Mat exercises part 3

Afternoon session:

  • Presentation - Human Harmony for rehabilitation and sports performance
  • Summary practice session - All Human Harmony exercises
  • Learning how to teach - Conduct a Human Harmony session
  • Discussion and final note
Human Harmony Training - The ADVANCED 30 exercise routine

The Creator

Jonathan Hoffman is a manual physical therapist working predominantly as an international teacher to movement-based practitioners and healthcare practitioners. Jonathan is a researcher into the differences between harmonious and impaired human functional movements. He has published scientifically and is regularly invited to serve as a peer-reviewer for scientific journals.

Jonathan's creation is driven by a 25 year physical therapy career in which he has worked for professional tennis players, basketball teams and tens of thousands of clients with back pain, other movement based musculoskeletal disorders and sports injuries.

Jonathan is the developer of the 'CoreAlign' exercise method and teaching-methodology that trains and challenges upright functional movements, currently taught and practiced in all continents.