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Cass County Lawsuit Update

Cass County Commissioners' motion to dismiss citizens' lawsuit against the county was DENIED! Citizens are suing for setbacks to property lines rather than homes. The case will move forward! The Commissioners' attorney said several times in court that the cause was not "ripe" (i.e., property and rights haven't been taken yet) and so it should be dismissed. Lawyer Steve Snyder's associate argued against this assertion and asked if citizens should wait until the turbines are built before the lawsuit can be filed? Miami County citizens Charles and Donna Smith have filed a similar lawsuit in Miami County and their Commissioners have also requested the case be dismissed. The Cass County news is encouraging for Miami County Property Rights group.

Seeking Support! WE NEED SIGNERS!

A letter of opposition against wind energy projects has been drafted and we are looking for organizations and individuals who would be willing to stand with us by adding their name to the letter. Sign-ons include the Indiana Flying Farmers, Hoosier Whitetail Hunting and Success Management, Marine Riders North Central Indiana, and Northeast Indiana Base Community Council, among others. If you know a doctor concerned with the health effects of irresponsibly-sited industrial wind turbines near people, a realtor concerned with property values, an insurance agent/agency, veterinarian, environmental or birding group, professor, scientist, military support group or fire department who may be willing to join us by signing onto our letter, please contact us. Our letter could help illustrate wide-spread opposition to wind projects in Indiana and counteract the support wind energy is trying to gain for their projects by schmoozing our non-profits and schools. Please email contact info for a group/individual who can help to or speak to your contacts on our behalf!
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Pro-Property Rights Groups Win Big in SEVEN Indiana Counties!

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ELECTION RESULTS: The "vocal minority" is the MAJORITY!

Huge victories in Fulton, Cass, Miami, Henry, Montgomery, Warren and Marshall Counties as Pro-Property Rights Anti-Wind candidates swept the polls and sent a strong message to the powers-that-be that we are not backing down and will stand up for our rights!

Henry County - biggest winners of the night! Henry County's No Wind group won the GOP race for County Commissioner and three seats on the County Council with candidates Peg Stefandel, Susan Huhn, and Kenon Gray. Ed Tarantino won the Republican race for County Commissioner! They fought hard for the win and came out on top all across the board! Way to go, Henry County! It was truly a group effort. So proud to fight in Indiana with these fine people!

Fulton County - Fulton County needs to turn over the Area Plan Commission Board, and now has a good start. Two pro-wind officials on the Plan Commission - the surveyor and a long-time Plan Commission appointed County Council member chose not to run again (past statements they have made to the anti-wind crowd were not received well). The most contested race in Fulton County was Fulton County Surveyor, and candidate Seth White won the GOP nod! Pro-property rights picks Ryan Zimpleman and Ron Dittman (incumbent) won the GOP race for two seats on County Council. Fulton County Property Rights group sent a pledge letter asking candidates to promise to keep Fulton County wind-turbine free.

Miami County - Commissioner and detested RES Wind Land Lease Agent Josh Francis ran for County Council and was beat handily by his competition! Pro-property rights candidate Bryan Nutt won 72% of the vote to Josh Francis's 28%.

Cass County - a huge upset as one of the pro-wind Commissioner "Kings of Cass County" was dethroned by pro-property rights candidate Ryan Browning! Also Dave Redweik won the GOP nod to vie for a seat on the Cass County Council. Anti-wind candidate Tia Justice was uncontested in the Democratic race and will also be running for another district's seat on the County Council in the fall! Here's an article about their win:

Warren County - voted out (as in "You're fired!") a pro-wind commissioner who is said to have originally brought big wind into the county and they replaced him with pro-property rights Republican candidate Adam Hanthorne! Way to go! Best wishes to him for a successful bid in the fall!

Montgomery County - was able to hang on to two current anti-wind County Council members, and pro-wind was running against them, so hats off to them on their wins.

Marshall County - anti-wind County Commissioner candidate Stan Klotz won the Republican primary handily. Maintaining his momentum in November will be important.

We won key positions in so many Indiana counties fighting the onslaught of big wind! And the message we sent is clear: We aren't stopping until big wind is kicked out of every county in Indiana where wind reps dare to darken our County Commissioners' doors.​ We are becoming a political force to be reckoned with at the local level. The Statehouse is next!