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Let's get a time!

Guess what is ready for you!? Your gallery has first wave of edits done and we are so excited to share it with you! Please send us a couple of times you have available in the next week or two to come to the studio to meet. Can't wait!

Who should come?

Decisions for purchase are made at this appointment, so it's helpful to have all decision makers present. Plan on about 90 minutes for this appointment. It's helpful to have something to eat prior (although Jennifer stocks candy).


Think about where you want to display your images. Measure wall space and bring the dimensions to our meeting so we can help you design arrangements that would look best. Your order will begin with selecting a 16x24 (or larger) piece of wall art.

Pricing and Walls

This would be a great time to review pricing related to creating amazing art for your walls or albums. See price lists below and

Click here to take a look at our most popular products as well as ideas for wall arrangements!

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Simply reply to this message - we're happy to talk with you!
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Kind Words from a Client

"I so had to refrain myself from a very over-enthusiastic hug (i.e tackle). It was indescribable to see how you captured, through your lens, the remarkable girl I've watched grow up for 18 years. If we are lucky enough, you will capture many more milestones for my beautiful Ashley throughout her life. Thank you will never be enough xoxoxo."
~Kathy Zynel