Weekly Update - Owl #6

2nd Week of Hybrid

A Great First Week

All of the witches and wizards had a fantastic first week back at Hogwarts. I dare say they were better about mask-wearing than many of the adults I see in public. They all communicated joy in being back in the classroom. Honestly, there wasn't a single complaint out of them. In addition, they quickly learned our new routines. I am proud of them for maintaining such positivity. This isn't 100% awesome but you wouldn't know it from watching your kids! You should be very proud of them.

Grading and Remote Day Meetings

Your team of professors is working to devise ways to accurately assess student learning. We will be working hard to determine what each child knows and is able to do. We will share our assessment of student learning three times annually on the student report card. Yes, we will be grading in a very traditional way this year.

For this reason, it is critical that your child is turning in ALL assigned work and is attending house meetings on their remote days. These meetings are not optional. These meetings offer an opportunity for the professors to collect formative data. Asking questions of children in a small group setting allows us to truly see what a child understands. Having an opportunity to ask follow up questions or to ask a child to provide more detail really gives children many opportunities to think deeply and show what they know. We cannot assess your child or offer any additional help so that he or she can access the curriculum and meet learning standards if he or she is not present. Also, these meetings are included as part of the individual education plan service minutes for some children. Skipping out on meetings means skipping out on services that our district is ready and able to provide to your child.

In addition, these check-ins allow your child to receive help with executive functioning. We will help students to prioritize tasks and assess work for quality and completeness. We will clarify directions and reteach skills as necessary during these small group meetings. Please do your best to ensure that your child attends all four meetings on his or her remote days.

Weekly Workflow Checklist

We've tried to capture the workflow for the week in this checklist. It might be helpful to print it out for your child. Make sure that your child is not only completing the assignments but also attaching them and hitting "turn in" in Google Classroom. Professor Quimby will be working with the witches and wizards to ensure that they are fulfilling their obligations.

You can access the checklist for the week by clicking HERE.

Packing the backpack this week

Thank you for making sure your child had the necessary supplies and equipment in his or her trunk before heading off to Hogwarts. We will be lightening the load a little this week. Please pack:

  • A fully charged iPad
  • Green Clough folder
  • Charlotte's Web
  • Chapter 1 - Go Math!
  • 3 Composition Notebooks (Dear Harry, Math, Reading)
  • Pencil box containing things like pencils, scissors, glue stick, colored pencils, pencil sharpener, crayons, etc.
  • A spare mask in a ziplock bag
  • Snack and a water bottle

School Lunch

School lunch is free to ALL students this year through a federal grant. Please feel free to take advantage of this luxury especially if it will lighten your burden or workload. There is a choice of hot lunch or salad lunch daily. It really is free to all regardless of income. We will ask children if they are ordering lunch daily.

Also, the school is providing boxed breakfasts and lunches that can be picked up weekly. The district asks that families fill out the Google form each week if they are interested in this program. Again, this is available to ALL regardless of income.

Please email us

Please do continue to email us with your questions or concerns as they arise. Now that we are back to in-person teaching and not sitting in front of our computers all day, it may take us a wee bit longer to get back to you but you should still expect to hear from one of us within 24 hours. We truly welcome your feedback.