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What is deforestation?

Deforestation is the killing of our forests through human needs, interaction, and actions. This can have many bad affects like the extinction of animals or plants. This also can allow out rivers and oceans to become even more contaminated.

What is the problem with deforestation?

Deforestation is the cause of some animals extinction. Without the trees the silt from the ground runs off into the water killing many fish and water animals. With out the trees animals are forced to move into other areas like city's and then have a chance to get run over or killed by other man made appliances. Also the trees are a vital source of oxygen and we are slowly depleting our oxygen supplies.

Why is it happening?

The trees are being cut down to make more free land, to make room for cattle farming, to get lumber, and to collect rubber. All of this is to make money but at what expense to our world. This is killing our rain forests, plants, and many animals just to earn a simple living. Why not change and help the world for a change instead of hurt it.

How can we stop it?

We can stop deforestation or slow it down by supporting an organization like Cuipo (link below). All you have to do is purchase something or donate a dollar to save one square meter of amazonian rain forest. This is only one of the many organizations that helps to stop deforestation.
Cuipo has a history of helping by using each dollar donated to save one square meter of Amazonian rainforest. People like us can help organizations like this in a few ways. We can donate money by buying items from them that we use everyday like water bottles and watches. We can also help them by spreading the word through predications like this or many other ways.

The graphs

Through statistical analysis we can see that the amount of decoder station is decreasing as time goes on. We can also see that Brazil accounts for the single most deforestation around the world.
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What Is Cuipo?

About this video.

This is a video from You can read more about it at that link. This shows that every one dollar donation goes to saving the rain forest. Donations can be made by purchasing items that are becoming increasingly popular in america. Simple things like reusable bags, thermoses, shirts, or watches. Next time you think of buying one of these, think about that and purchase them to make a donation.
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