Intermediate SAGE

4th grade- 4th quarter

Unit of Study Updates

Enjoy a final look for this school year into work SAGE students have done in their Units of Study!
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Zoology: Investigating the Animal Kingdom

So many scientific experiences have occurred this past year in Zoology! Students worked hard this part quarter, conducting work in the manner of Zoologists. We finished up our March Mammal Madness event where students learned about the adaptations of many different animals. They finished their work studying Arthropods and moved on to learning more about vertebrates – specifically sharks! They studied the shark for several weeks, learning about external and internal shark anatomy through their dissection. They focused on characteristics on members of Class Chondrichthyes, as well as learning about different organs in the digestive, respiratory and circulatory system. It was a pleasure to have them as Zoologists this school year.

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Interior Design—4th Grade

This quarter, the interior design students were able to put all the design knowledge they have learned into their final project—to design their own dream bedroom from the ground up! The designers were challenged to draw a blueprint to scale which included windows, doors, closets, etc. using standard construction dimensions. They used area and perimeter skills to calculate the square footage for their choice of flooring and quantity of paint/wallpaper for their walls. Students chose furniture based on the scale of the room, textiles and accessories that matched their design style, yet also followed interior design elements and principles they learned in the first semester. Students kept an “expenses sheet” for all components of their design to keep track of the entire cost of their finished project. Finally, each interior designer created a Design Portfolio to showcase their entire space. I am so proud of the progress each of the student’s made this year, not only in their design and math skills, but in their ability to work as a team of designers that were willing to share ideas, give feedback, and to help each other out when needed.

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Lights, Camera, Broadcast!

Fourth grade broadcasting crews have been busy creating SAGE News shows to share with their peers at the NIC. They have continued taking turns learning and practicing important roles both on air and behind the scenes. Students have also been busy writing scripts, conducting interviews, filming and creating packages, and coming up with new ideas for our show! This quarter, we also experimented with new virtual backgrounds to make our shows more interesting and entertaining!
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Design Your Thoughts in Drawing - 4th

This last quarter the students were able to use all the different skills they have learned from this year to create a picture book. They learned the publishing process starting with storyboarding and drawing thumbnail images to organize their stories. Based on their storyboards, they then created an illustration for each thumbnail sketch where they sketched the setting and the characters, and then added color, shading, and details. Due to MAP testing some students were not able to finish. However, please make sure that they show you all their best drawing samples they created this year. It was so much fun getting to know everyone!

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Star Wars® Maker Lab

This past quarter students in Star Wars Maker Lab completed sewing their e-textile cuffs using their knowledge of circuitry and polarity. As a final project, they incorporated two of the skills they have learned this year - circuitry and soldering - and added a new skill - operating the drill press- to create a Star Wars operation game. With this final project complete, the students moved up to Grand Master level in Star Wars! If you look closely at the pictures, you'll also see some Squishy Circuits they created with conductive clay. We have worked hard throughout the year and learned a lot! I am looking forward to seeing everyone next year!
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Spanish with Señora Myers

We’ve had some crazy and ridiculous stories this semester that tie into our theme of clothing. Es Una Ganga and Billy la Bufanda engaged student interest and got them talking and thinking in Spanish.

When reading in Spanish, we look for words we’ve memorized, cognates (words which look similar in English) and context clues. With stories, the classes are able to practice skills that are useful, no matter the subject matter. Students use problem solving, flexibility of thinking and creativity in order to understand and process the text.

Have a great summer! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in the fall!