What's New at 610 Henry?

A message from you BNS/BCS Unity Committee

Message from the Unity Committee

Dear students, staff and families,

It's been a few months since we sent out a newsletter so we have so many exciting updates for you all this month. Take a look and see what we've been up to pre-K-12!

-The Unity Committee

Taking a United Stand on State Tests and Teacher Evaluation

The BNS/BCS PAC committee has been hard at work to educate families about Cuomo's proposed teacher evaluation system and making informed decisions about the upcoming state tests. If you missed other events, please join us this Tuesday.
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Cross Age Literacy Program Update

The BCS Young Men's Initiative is a grant funded program at BCS where black and latino males receive extra academic and socio-emotional support through an additional social worker on staff. As a part of this program the students in YMI are also participating in a cross age literacy program where they are reading with our youngest students downstairs. Here are some pictures from their session this week.
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BCS 6th Graders Visit the China Museum

BCS 6th graders had the opportunity to learn from BNS students at the China Museum last month. Check out the pictures below.
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3rd grade helps the 12th grade with their Learning Expedition

12th graders have been studying the essential question: How do stories help us survive a trauma? As a part of exploration, the 12th graders studied how author Maxine Hong Kingston’s uses voice and silence as motifs to explain what it is like to be a Chinese American girl growing up in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Maxine Hong Kingston helps us understand how she makes sense of two cultures, Chinese and American, that often see, think about, and interact with the world differently.

3rd grade students visited the 12 grade ELA classroom as guest experts to teach some Chinese calligraphy. The experience of learning to write in another language matched perfectly with the text they are studying, The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kinston. The students expressed how after the lesson they felt they could emphasize better with the main character, who is learning to write in English.

According to one 3rd grade teacher, "After visiting your classroom, my students came back incredibly excited, asking me over and over again, 'When can we go back?' They were brimming with over confidence."

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Exploring race and diversity through Selma

BCS and BNS students and families were brought together for a screening of Selma thanks to the PAC Diversity Committee. This was a great opportunity to watch this powerful film and discuss the impact as a school community.