What religion will you choose


Christens believe in 1 god the God of Abraham also known as Yawch. The common figure is Abraham who believed in 1 god while everyone one believed in more than 1 god. Abraham was given the Holy Bible by God with the old and new sacrament. All must believe in Trinity the father, son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. The Christens all must pray for forgiveness and hope from their God. Also Christianity includes the Declaration of Faith or Salvation. A sacrament of Christianity is Baptism where Christens are introduced to the religion. Holy Communion is celebrating the last supper with bread and wine making this another sacrament. Christ is practiced in a Church on Sundays (worship day). The Pastor or Priest is the leader in a church. Christmas (birth of Christ) and Easter (death and resurrection of Christ) are important holidays to the Christ religion. Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant are the important sect. Jerusalem is the site Jesus erucifilion and Bethlehem the birthplace of Christ are important cities to Christianity.