Coffee and Connect

Pontiac Project Consultants

An opportunity to connect with your colleagues currently working on Pontiac projects!

Let's take some time to check-in with each other so that we might strengthen our planning for next year's work and draw connections for collaborating.

Please take some time to drop by Room 200A on either May 16th and/or May 23rd anytime between 7:30 and 9:30. ALL ARE WELCOME AT ANY POINT DURING THIS HOUR - EVEN IF YOU CAN ONLY STAY FOR 5 MINUTES! You can either drop-by to provide some information about your work or stay longer to enjoy coffee and conversations.

We are hoping to be able to pull together a visual to share with each other as we move forward. We might also start a new practice and make some new friends!

Any Questions? Please contact Carol Anthony - ext. 2184