By Ryan Blakely

Why adjectives are the most important?

The reason adjectives are the most important is they help describe stuff. If we didn't have adjectives there would be no explanation to the sentence. Meaning that A sentence would have no detail in it whatsoever. All the sentences would be boring and non descriptive. You wouldn't be able to imagine what the person is talking about as easily. Without adjectives you can see a sunrise, but a not beautiful sunrise.

Examples of Adjectives!

  1. Look at that fast car!
  2. The line is so long!
  3. The color red is brighter than the color black!
  4. Cats are nicer than dogs.
  5. I'm hoping for better weather tomorrow.
  6. The truck has bright decals on it.
  7. Some birds can be more colorful than penguins.
  8. That car is prettier than yours.
  9. The house is bigger than yours.
  10. The computer is faster than your computer.