Weekly Rundown!

Mrs. Cowley Grade 5


Wow!! Spring break is two weeks away. We will be extremely busy until the start of April. We are still covering body systems in science and we will wrap this up next week. We have started fractions in math. We will be multiplying , dividing, subtracting, and adding them.

In social studies we are covering the Revolutionary War. We also just started a poetry unit in writing. Lastly this week we started fantasy book clubs; which the students are really excited for! We are really busy and super excited ! To help out make sure we are eating a healthy breakfast and getting plenty of sleep.

Thank you for all your support!



Spring Break is from March 25th through April 1st. School will resume on April 4th.

Keep Moving Forward!


The homework from now until spring break will be a day to day basis, this is due to the material that we are covering and the speed. This may be just one page of homework and could be several pages. You can keep a lookout for papers at home in these topics:

Math: We are covering topic 8 in math.

Science: We are covering the excretory system.

Reading: We just started fantasy book clubs. Students will have a book that they will have to read each night starting Wednesday!

Keep an eye out for papers in these subjects!