Chinese Cinderella

Payton Chamberlain

If Adeline Went on a Vacation What Would She Bring?

If Adeline went on a trip she would bring lots of books,because when she went the bordering school she would always read. She is always reading at her house too. Another thing she would bring would be her aunts safe, because it has all of her past memories. Her aunt and Adeline would keep all of her rewards and her birth certificate.

How Did Adeline Change Through the book?

I think she starts off feeling bad for herself and then learns that she can't change the fact that her family doesn't accept her. So she lives her life to the fullest. She starts not following the rules. She starts giving more attitude.

My immpresion of Adeline

My impression of Adeline is she is very brave and strong. She never really complained and ever though she had a really had life that never held her back from doing anything. She made her life to the fullest she had as much fun as she could possible could have.
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