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August 5, 2014

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TMS Summer Rejuvination

During the summer, we all enjoy the opportunity to relax, have fun, and rejuvinate. Tamanend Middle School also experiences rejuvination during the summer... the classrooms are cleaned, the floors are waxed, schedules are designed, and there are updates to technology. It really takes the whole summer to complete this turn over, but now that it is August, Tamanend is starting to look more and more ready to welcome its students and staff to its 54th school year! Please read through this August Tamanend Connections edition to help you get ready for the 2014-2015 school year.

Staying Connected

Our Mission Statement is entitled Tamanend Together. For parents/guardians, the best way to be Tamanend Together is by staying connected. Our newsletter, Tamanend Connections, and other correspondences are frequently shared with parents/guardians and students by email throughout the school year. For that reason, it is important to be sure that your email is current and correct in the Parent portal. At present, already 90% of our students have parents who have email registered in the Parent Portal. If you know a parent or guardian who did not receive this newsletter by email, that means they do not have a current and/or correct email address registered in the Parent Portal. To add or update contact information, click here.

Middle School Required Summer Reading 2014

In Central Bucks, all middle school students are expected to do a significant amount of reading throughout the entire year. The state standard recommends twenty-five books per year! To that end, students entering grades seven, eight, and nine must read at least two books over the summer. When students return to school in September, they will be required to complete an activity related to one of the two required books. Students should make sure they have completed the reading of the two books before returning to school. Click here to view lists for students entering grade 7, 8, and 9.

Tamanend's Garden - Learning & Growing Together

The TMS Garden is growing beautifully under the coordination of Mrs. Mary McDonald, English and Family/Consumer Science Teacher at Tamanend. Families who volunteered have been coming into Tamanend each week to harvest ripe veggies and herbs for their own enjoyment or to be donated to the New Britain Baptist Church Food Larder. This garden will be cared for and used throughout the year by various subjects and classrooms such as science, cooking, and special education.
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9/11 Heroes Run

The 9/11 Heroes Run registration is now open! The 5K and 1 mile race is set for September 7th this year at the Fonthill Museum with a great course through beautiful Doylestown Borough. Registration is simple and easy, and students, families, and friends can register as a team and compete together. Each team can manage their runners and their team from their very own "page." Just visit their site for additional information. Tamanend is looking for someone to lead us as a "Tamanend Together" Team. Please contact Mrs. Leatherbarrow if you would like to be our Heroes Run Leader.

Help Tamanend While You Shop or Recycle

If you use the following vendors, please think about supporting TMS while you shop and recycle:

  • If you shop at Target and have a Target Red Card, you can register your card for Target's Take Charge of Education program so that Tamanend receives a percentage of your spending.
  • Giant Food Store has an A+ School Rewards program through their clip-less coupon card. Note, each school year you need to reselect Tamanend so that your shopping benefits TMS.
  • Use this link to connect to Amazon to shop and Tamanend can earn as much as 15% of what you purchase!
  • Clip and send in Box Tops to the attention of NJHS; or, shop at the Box Top Market Place where you will find vendors such as Best Buy, KMart, Justice and more.
  • If you like to shop online, check out the eScrip Online Mall. When you sign up for an account, selecting Tamanend earns money for our school.
  • When you recycle your paper using our Abitibi bin located at the back of our Main Parking Lot, you have not only helped the environment, you help TMS, too.

Tamanend Together is...

The Legend of Chief Tamanend

Born around the year 1628, little is known of Chief Tamanend's boyhood, but by 1683 he had become chief of the Turtle Clan, the Unami, which was the head clan, and thus made Tamanend chief of all the Delawares.

On June 23rd of 1683 William Penn met Tamanend and other Delaware chiefs. There was an immediate trust built during this meeting and at its conclusion, a treaty of peace was enacted. Of this peace, Chief Tamanend said, “We will live in love with William Penn and his children as long as the creeks and rivers run, and while the sun, moon, and stars endure.”

The peaceful influence Tamanend and Penn established had great bearing on relationships throughout the colonies. The peace treaty of Chief Tamanend and William Penn lasted for three quarters of a century.

A Moravian Missionary described Tamanend… He “was an ancient Delaware chief, who never had [an] equal. He was in the highest degree endowed with wisdom, virtue, prudence, charity, affability, meekness, hospitality… In short, he was endowed with every good and noble qualification.”

Chief Tamanend's peaceful leadership brought people together. In his name, our school continues his legacy by being Tamanend Together.

Drawing of "Chief Tamanend" by Katherine H., Class of 1997

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