Habitat for Humanity Update

Welcome back and welcome new members!

What we will be covering in this issue:

  • We have new t-shirts!!
  • The Campus Chapter's approach to this semester
  • Executive Board Applications
  • Habitat for Humanity's local and national response to COVID-19
  • Meet our Executive Board

New Comfort Colors t-shirts!!

Click this link to view our brand new Comfort Colors t-shirts and answer some questions to help us manage distribution and interest!!


Habitat this Semester

Welcome back to school everyone! This semester will definitely be one to remember...but don't lose hope!! Just a few things to fire you up for Habitat's mission on campus:

  1. Although we are unable to plan any build trips or Habitat ReStore trips for the near future, we are keeping in touch with the local MontDelCo chapter to find alternatives way to volunteer. Whether this is a virtual or a distanced event, we will keep you updated with any new opportunities!
  2. A major way to support Villanova's Habitat for Humanity (and through us, local Habitat chapters) is through our fundraising programs! By buying our new t-shirts you will be directly contributing to our Habitat Mission. Eventually logistics about t-shirt distribution is forthcoming and we may have volunteer opportunities for that as well so keep an eye out for updates!
  3. We are in the process of building an amazing Executive Board team that can lead our campus chapter. If you think you would make a good addition to our team (and we think you would) apply using the link below!

Habitat Executive Board Applications

Are you looking to get more involved in Habitat for Humanity? Are you looking for an amazing leadership opportunity on campus? Then you should apply for Villanova's Habitat for Humanity Executive Board! We are currently looking for new members in a variety of positions and we would love for anyone who is interested to apply. The applications are due on Monday 9/21.

Habitat for Humanity and COVID-19

Here are a few updates about the amazing work Habitat for Humanity is accomplishing!

  • Habitat for Humanity International recently announced its first global diversity, equity, and inclusion officer: Natosha Reid Rice! She has been serving with Habitat for nearly 10 years and will now be bringing equity and justice even more to the center of Habitat's work.

  • World Habitat Day is on Monday, October 5, 2020! On this day, Habitat for Humanity will join the United Nations and organizations around the world in raising awareness, educating, and mobilizing individuals and communities to take action on the current global housing crisis. Use the hashtag #WorldHabitatDay to show support!

  • Our local Habitat chapter, Habitat of Montgomery and Delaware County, recently celebrated their 88th home dedication! This is especially important since COVID-19 is a housing crisis. Congrats!

Meet your Executive Board!

Bri Manobianco: Co-President

Hi guys! My name is Bri Manobianco and I am currently a senior at Villanova. I am a Criminology major and Spanish minor and I plan on using my degree to go to law school. One thing that I love about Habitat for Humanity is that it has allowed me to get involved on campus and really explore my leadership capabilities. Before becoming a Co-President I was the VP of Fundraising for three years and I loved every second of it. If you ever walked by in the Connelly Center and saw a Habitat table I was probably there! I am so excited for the upcoming year and I can't wait to show everyone what our club has in store for the rest of the year.

Haley Wrobel: Co-President

Hey! My name's Haley, and I'm a senior biology major and Spanish and Latin American studies minor. I'm pre-med, so I'm really hoping to be a doctor one day! I'm from a farm in Georgia, and I'm the oldest of five kids, so I absolutely love being a part of Habitat since the club has given me a family on campus ;) I was the co-president of Fundraising last year, so I got to brainstorm a bunch of fun fundraising events, like building gingerbread houses and bird houses! Fun fact: I led my first build trip on a super cold day in January last winter. It was my first time driving one of the big white vans, and it started snowing when I was driving there (it was also my first time driving in the snow - again, I'm from GA). Anyway, please keep supporting Habitat and become involved - what other club on campus gets to build houses and raise money for people to have their own home?!

Lindsay Sasson: VP of Communications

Hey!! My name is Lindsay Sasson, and I'm a junior with a double major in Communication and Peace & Justice Studies! I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio. I was involved in Habitat for Humanity back in high school, so I'm so glad that I get to continue serving through Villanova's chapter as the VP of Communications! Habitat is a fantastic opportunity to gain leadership experience, meet new friends, and make a real difference. Last year, I was able to lead one of the builds in a nearby community. It was such a great experience. This year might be different, but that doesn't mean we can't make it the best one yet! We are super open to any suggestions you all might have- we really appreciate you all and want to make this a valuable experience for you. I'm so excited to get to know you all as you become involved!

Yulisa Mendez: VP of Administration

Hi everyone! My name is Yulisa Mendez, and I am a sophomore here at Villanova. I am majoring in Marketing and Analytics, with a minor in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Coming from a small town in Wyoming, I wanted to immerse myself in campus activities and have a chance to explore nearby areas. It is why I decided to join Habitat for Humanity because it was an amazing opportunity to serve others in the local community. It is also a nice way to meet new people and have a fun time off-campus. Fortunately, I had the chance to lead a trip to Restore MontDelco and it was a blast! I love Habitat for Humanity because everyone is so welcoming and eager to help out. I cannot wait to (virtually) meet you all this year!