Reasons for US entering war. By: Grant Alexander

Reasons for US to enter the Great War

The US entered WW1 in 1917. The main reason for the US entering the war is Submarine Warfare and the sinking of the Lusitania. 1195 people on the Lusitania dies including 128 Americans. Other reasons for us entering the war were politics, economy, Ideology, and Zimmerman Telegrapgh. The US have been trading with all the countries involved in WW1 prior to entering the war.

Woodrow Wilson



U-boat- a type of submarie Germans used in WW1

Contraband- goods imported or exported illegally

Zimmerman Telegram- diplomatic proposal from the Great Empire to Mexico, asking them to declare war on the US.

Lusitania- A ship from US exporting weapons and carrying people, sunk by Germany, main reason for the US entering the war

Woodrow Wilson- 28th president of the US, best know for prgressive reforms and leadership