Gustoso Alimento

By: Avery Oldfield, Will Nuding, and Jake Duban

Six Business Activities for Our Business

  1. Generating Ideas (Business begins with a new Idea): Our service is an Italian restaurant called Gustoso Alimento. We serve all Italian food at our restaurant. We came up with our idea since we all like italian food. We researched the market by looking up restaurants in our area and ones that came up include Bella Milano and Olive Garden which are among the most popular.
  2. Raising Capital (Need financial resources to Operate): Our money is coming mostly from bank loans. The bank loans add up to $225,000 for building expenses and for utilities. Some of the money also comes from us for buying the ingredients for our food and also for dishes such as plates and glasses.
  3. Employees and Training (Human Resources): Our employees must have personal experiences in cooking. They must have an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts and also an Associate Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts. There are some other degrees that are not needed, but are greatly appreciated are a Bachelor of Science Degree in any of the following: Baking and Pastry Arts, Culinary Arts and Food Service Management, Culinary Nutrition, Food Service Entrepreneurship, or Baking and Pastry Arts and Food Service Management.
  4. Buying Goods and Services (Equipment, supplies, etc.): We will have to buy food supplies for our restaurant and we can get those from places like Sam’s Club and GFS. We also need building supplies for the interior of our restaurant to make it look nice from places such as Lowes and Menards. We will also need appliances for our business to cook and store supplies. We can get those things from places like Home Depot, Lowes, and Sears.
  5. Marketing Goods and Services (Advertising): We will market through social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. We will put advertisements in newspapers and also phone books. We will also be putting commercials on television as well. Finally, we will be advertising through radio commercials and also on local internet websites.
  6. Maintain Business Records (To track performance and make decisions): We will have to hire a person to run the order tracking and payments. They will have to keep track of money, customer information and other records such as taxes. The person will have to use programs like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. They will also need to be able to file our taxes properly and help us with any financial situations that must be completed.

Business Ownership: Partnership

Our business is a partnership between the three of us. We each have our own expertise. We all can cook very well. One of us is really good with business expenses and other math needed issues. Finally, we all have the ability to run a business in a well managed manor. Some advantages are being able to work together and there is more expertise gained from other partners. Some disadvantages are no protection for personal assets, and if one partner leaves or dies, the partnership then becomes no more.

Business Goals

As a business, we would like to serve our food to citizens to the best of our ability. We would like to make our food the best in the area. We would also like to get a 90% or higher satisfaction rating with our customers. Finally, we would also like to be able to advertise our business to people outside of the Springfield area, and also to be the top Italian restaurant in the area.

Our Mission Statement

As a business we wish to satisfy our customers to the best of our ability. We wish to make and sell the best and high quality food. We hope you enjoy the food, as much as we enjoy making it. We wish to keep our customers coming back for more and to maintain a strong business.

Our Mission Statement Vocaroo:

Organizational Chart

Group Picture