A Review of The Hunger Games

By Aristotle


1. Thought: The idea of a dystopian society concept involving children is an attention grabbing thought. That makes every person want to watch and try to save all of them!

2. Plot: The movie has a very unique plot which boosts the popularity. Teens watching will feel a deep connection to the teen characters who are trying to save their own lives.

3. Characters: The main characters are easy to relate to. Katniss shows true human emotion and people are able to understand what she has to deal with.

4. Diction: How people talk in this movie shows their economic and social position. It also shows how fake some people can be.

5. Sound: The mocking jay chime was hypnotizing. It is a tune no one will be able to get out of their head.

6. Spectacle: The costuming in this movie is really tremendous. A dress made of fire! I just can not believe it!