Consumer Bill of Rights

By: Nick Rand

The 6 consumer bill of rights

The Consumer Bill of Rights is a list of responsibilities that a person has the right to contain.

The right to be informed

This right lets someone have enough information to make the right choice when they buy. For example a store has to give enough information to let someone know what is a good deal.

The right to choose

This right lets someone have the ability to choose where you shopping, school, ect. For example someone could choose to go to Walmart one day and target the next day.

The right to be heard

This right allows someone to to be able to complain efficiently and responsibly if they have problems with their products. For example if someone bought cracked eggs someone can bring them back and replace them.

The right to be educated

This right allows someone to learn new skills and knowledge. For example someone could go to o school and start at kindergarten or preschool.

The right to service

This right allows someone have a job but at a proper level. For example someone might have a drug problem and a store has the right to say no for the person to work at the store.

The right to saftey

This right lets someone have the right to go to the hospital and they will treat you with your injuries. For example if someone got in a car crash they have the right to go to they hospital and the doctors would treat them.