Interveiw of U.S Torture Victim

Recently I have interviewed a man supposedly tortured by the U.S. government and who was then roven innocent and realeased. His identification, the identification of the agents, and the locations of the prisons are being kept classified. The following are the questions I have asked him and his answers.

1. What were the American prisons like?

It was constantly noisy, you couldn't even hear yourself think, we were kept in a pitch black room and were given scarce amounts of foods. They gave us numbers instead of names; like the Nazis did to the Jews. Freezing cold water would be constantly poured on us and they would always talk about how it never stopped raining so there was more than enough water. At another prison there were blinding light constanty being shined down on us and we could barely see that we were being kept in wire cages.

2. What methods of torture did they use on you?

At times we were hung by ours arms to where our toes were barely touching the ground; which caused us to slowly suffocate. At a certain prison they would take abulation jugs, which have a large elongated spout for an opening and shove it up our rectums causing immense pain and discomfort. They sat us on chairs where an opening was placed at around the spot swhere our male genitals were. They had a long thick rope with a knot on one end and would whip us from under the chair, catching us in our genitals.

3. What was it like after you had been released?

After I was released I could hardly sleep at night, and if I could sleep i was woken up in the middle of the night by flashbacks as if I was back in the prisons again. The only solace I found was playing with the little bunny rabbits my family kept as pets. I would also take long walks on the beach and soak up the reality that i was truly home.

This man is one of many that has been unlawfully tortured by out government. The use of inhumane methods to gain sensitive information must be stopped. Government officials who order the torture of prisoners and the men who carry out the torture have faced no repercussions for their actions. Justice must be served.