Scientific Revolution

Yadira M. 2nd period

What was the change?

The scientific Revolution was basically a time of intense debate between science and religion. This began in the late 1500's, when scientific ideas began to appear by European society.

Who were the people associated with the change ?

How did the change impact the society of the time?

The scientific revolution had a huge impact on society during that time. The three topics were: religiously, intellectually & economically. It impacted it religiously because people started to question God's existence due to Galileo's discoveries. The followers of science now started to think the whole bible was very contradicting, & that developed a great debate between those who believed in science & those who followed God. As to Intellectually, there were many people in the Western European societies that made 'nature advances', such as learning about gravity, space, planets, overall science. Economically, many advances were made in Europe during this time.This led to the discovery of many technologies that became helpful to the merchant class. These advancements made it far easier for European citizens to buy and sell products, and even to exchange. In addition, the economic increase really helped most people throughout Europe.

How is that change evident in today's society?

From Galileo to Sir Isaac newton to Johannes Kepler, many discoveries were made. All those discoveries have impacted today's world in some way or another. There were the three laws of motion to Kepler's laws of planetary motion, and planet discoveries, based on these discoveries, we are now succesful with other things.