By: Tristin Ryan Hefel

Important Facts

What are volcanos ?

Volcanos are opening in the Earth were lava lies. People spend their life studding volcanos.

When volcanos erupt millions of people die.

About 20 volcanos in the world still erupt on our planet

Fun Facts

Mount Peele is a volcano in Martinique. The first people who discovered the volcano named it Mount Pelée, after the Hawaiian goddess of fire, Pele. In 1902, Mount Pelée became famous all around the world! Some icy mountains are actually inactive and old volcanos! Mountains are the cousins of volcanos!


Magma is the stuff that oozes out of volcanos. Magma is sometimes called lava. If you touch lava, the part you touched lava with will melt. But lava already to hot to get close to. There is a picture of lava to the left of the text.

natural recources

Obsidian witch is also called lava rock, is very hard to break. In some movies the civilians use obsidian to make weapons or armor. Obsidian also can be found deep under the Earth. Lava is still stronger than obsidian. Obsidian is a blackish purpleish piece of stone.




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firey explosion

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Double Disaster

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Map of Volcanos Around the World

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