The Triassic Time

By: Jessi Andrew

My time period is the Triassic time

Major geologic events of that time period

Major geologic events: Pangaea holds together for much of the Triassic. 2. Hot, dry conditions dominate the center of Pangaea.

What was the climate like?

Climate: The climate is hot, and dry.

Dominant organisms living at that time - animals and plant.

Dominant organisms: Cycad, Coelophysis, Megazostrodon, The dinosaurs start to appear, Age of reptiles, Warm blooded reptiles, and mammals, Turtles and crocodiles start to appear, fossil fish, conifers, palm like trees and ginkgo trees, dominate forests.

What was the environment like?

Environment: The environment was marine because back then when the triassic time was going on there was ocean everywhere and then they were depopulated. So I would say at least dry flat land that maybe had some hills.

What are the main things travelers might like to see?

Main things travelers might see: Lystrosaurus, Coelophysis, Megazostrodon, A Cycad tree, Therapsids, Archosaurs, A big body of water (the ocean)

What should travelers pack: I would bring canned food, and water, I would bring a really high built tent or something to sleep in, clothes to keep them warm in the night but clothes that won’t keep them to warm for the day. Wood, a lighter, and stuff to build a fire with. Bring a wetsuit kind of thing to keep you dry.

What dangers might travelers face?

Dangers they might face: It is very hot. There are dinosaurs. The whole thing is covered with water.