Neolithic Era

The new way to live! Long ago

The Neolithic Era

Imagine it's long ago like really, really long ago and your hungry so you look for your old hunting spot where you used to put your leftovers of berries but instead of seeing a clearing you find plants with new types of food all over the place and wonder how it got there. This was the first step of the Neolithic Era.

The First Step of the Neolithic Era

Right after the glaciers of the Ice Age melted they left behind large amounts of water on the land. This caused rivers, lakes, and ponds to form but also water for the plants that survived. As soon as people found out about fruit growing they used it to their advantage and used the food growing to use as their food.

If you change to the neolithic way

If you change to the Neolithic way you could never worry about food prduction, constant hunting, and waste of energy ever again. And you could also make a huge city to rule over and never worry if the food will run out again. You could also spend more time inventing, building, or searching for new land.