The Tizard Mission

The Blueprints That Changed The Course Of World War II

Summery of event

in 1940 Britian was being attacked constantly by the Germans. They needed help. They turned to the one country who might help them: the United States. So Britain sent Sir Henry Tizard and his team to the U.S. A deal was reached and the U.S. Agreed to manufacture the technology, in exchange for Britain sharing them.

Detailed Description

In 1940 war raged in the skies over Great Britain, the country needed help, but the advancement of technology, an important part of the war, had been stopped so that Britian could make airplanes, wepons, and other things the country needed. Desperate, Winston Curchill the British Prime minister turned to the United States for help, before long they reached a deal. In exchange for manufacturing their technology, they would share the technology with them. This technology included the proximity fuse, the cavity magnetron and many more important things that helped the allies win the war.

Fun Facts

- After the war Sir Henry Tizard served as the president of the British association for the advancement of science

-the cavity magnetron made radar over 100 times more powerful

-the British wanted to trade for the Norden bombsight but the Americans wouldn't give it to them for fear it would be captured by the Germans


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