Jackie Robinsons quest to equality

Tragic tale of a black mlb stars quest for equality



“You would be pounded with verbal and physical abuse(pg294,Robinson)


“Im looking for a ball player with the guts not to fight back”(294, Robinson)


Summary of Example 1:

Jackie Robinson was warned about the verbal and physical abuse he might face and he still wanted to prove that he could play in the major leagues.

Summary of Example 2:

Jackie would be pounded with many forms of abuse but he would need to have the guts not to fight back even though the temptations were so high.

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This is Robinson being abused by these fellow ball players and having the guts not to fight back and to stay calm.

Book source

Robinson, Jackie. "The Noble Experiment," Comp, Alfred Duckett. The Language of Literature. Vol. 7 Evanston: McDougal Littell, 2002, 288-95, Print.

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