LV 6 grade technology!!

By: Anastasia Birnschein


The iTrailer I think was my favorite project we did this semester. It was so cool to create what ever style trailer I wanted. What you do is you go on iTrailer and pick what style you want. Then you pick a topic of your choice and create. When you first get the project you have some class periods to work on it other wise you work at home. When you present it you will have a choice to do it in front of the class or not.

Explain Everything

In this lesson we had in Schoology a list of ten math problems. We had to chose one problem to explain how to solve it. On you slides when you do this you are only allowed to use the drawing tool for when you record. In the end this was and will be a fun activity.

Haiku Deck

In Haiku Deck you will be making a presentation to share to the class about what job you want when you need one. To get the required information you need Mrs.Myers has a list of questions that need to be answered. To get your information you use career locker. In your Deck you will need at leased 10 slides. This was a fun protect to do.


With coding you will use a web site called Code. In code you will be taking the advanced course. It may sound scary but it is fun. In code you get to help zombies, a gardener, and you get to use a drawer tool. To earn a 4 you need to get passed stage 8 and 9. It is not that hard to earn a 4.

Typing Web

Typing you do all quarter in technology. In typing there are several stages you go through. The stages are intermediate and advanced. To get your grade in this lesson you get a suntanned point that your technology teacher gives you. Its fun and at the beginning of most classes you do it for 5 minutes.

Career Locker

Career Locker was a way for use 6 graders, to get started on the path of what we wanted to be when we got older. Mrs. VandenBoogaard came in and helped us use it and find out what we wanted to be. After the unite she held a meeting with our parents so they knew what we wanted to be.