6 Traits of Writing

Aubrey Frey


  • choose a topic that interests you ( be creative), or what your teacher assigns
  • include details-facts, statistic examples, and thoughts/feelings


  • topic-green
  • main ideas-yellow( transitions)
  • tell me more-red
  • conclusion-green


  • speak in an interesting way that keeps people reading your story
  • show instead of tell

Word Choice

  • use exact nouns/verbs
  • use breath-taking adjectives/adverbs
  • use a thesaurus (Thesaurus.com)

Sentence Fluency

  • combine short sentences into longer ones
  • use a variety of sentences lengths
  • use both long and short sentences


  • revise your work by using evaluation sheet
  • edit your work by using C.O.P.S.

Writing is Cool!!!!!!! (song for kids about the basics of beginning writing)


  • think of ideas for your story
  • make an organized list


  • make a T-table
  • write your main ideas, topic sentences, and tell me more


  • write a first draft
  • organize your ideas


  • do you like your work
  • write down your steps on a spread sheeet


  • is this your best work
  • how can you make it better
  • does it flow nicely


  • check for capitalization, commas, punctuation, miss spelling exc.
  • anything else that you need to fix


  • share your story! :)

Core 4 Topic Sentences

  • simple statement
  • number statement
  • question
  • situation stance

Topic Sentences

Green- use the core 4 topic sentences


  • words to connect sentences

Main Ideas

Yellow- has to have a transition word at the beginning of the sentences

Tell Me More

Red- has more information about the main ideas


Green-is like the topic sentence but in different wording

Color Scheme

  • goes in a circle starting at green