2nd Grade News

October 11th- 14th

Classroom Happenings

Reading & Writing
  • This week we worked on drawing conclusions from the books we read. Our book for the week was The Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin. We also learned more about her as an author and illustrator by exploring her website!
  • Our next writing assessment is writing a descriptive piece. Students started this project by creating a monster. Now the students are starting to write their descriptive writing piece by brainstorming sentences that describe the monster they made.


  • We have been learning a variety of strategies that can help us add two digit numbers.
  • The strategies include: using a hundreds chart, making a number line, drawing a picture, breaking apart the numbers, and using compensation to make the numbers easier to add.
  • We also learned how to solve One Step and Two Step math probems using a bar model.


  • We continued learning about weather.
  • We watched a video of a meteorologist who explained what weather is and what meteorologists do.
  • We learned about temperature and thermometer.
  • We record the weather daily on our calendar in order to make observations about weather patterns.

Social Studies

  • Students learned about explorer Christopher Columbus.

Next Week

Tuesday 10/18

  • Donations for the Fun Fair basket are due

Thursday 10/20

  • Think College Thursday #TCT - wear your college colors/apparel

Friday 10/21

  • Fun Fair 5-8


  • Math homework goes home every Friday and is due the following Friday
  • Spelling homework goes home on Monday this week and will be due on Friday..
  • Homework must be completed and turned in on time in order for your student to earn extra homework recess. (Also, please remind your student to put their name on all their homework!)

Star of the Week


Leo brought in some awesome pictures to share with our class! We learned about his family and that he loves to play baseball. He also knows a lot about Hermit Crabs since he and his siblings used to have 4 of them!


Sumdog is a free math resource that I will be utilizing in our classroom this year! It can be downloaded onto Apple or Android devices through your app store, or can be accessed online.

Sumdog provides students with math games that fit each student's needs. The first 200 questions your student answers are used to determine your student's math strengths and areas of need. After that each student receives games that target the skills your student needs to work on. It is a very fun and interactive way for your student to work on basic math skills and facts.

With your permission, your student can access Sumdog at home for extra math practice by using the following login information:

Username: first 2 letters of your student's first name, first 3 letters of your student's last name, then 27 (no capitals or spaces). For example, my login would be jegom27

Password: gomez2

School Code: van-allen-elementary

Again, this resource is available for you to use for extra math practice at home. It is not a requirement.