War, Good? or Bad?

By: Angel Crabtree

People around the world debate if war is good or bad. I feel that war is a bad thing for many reasons. War is bad because many innocent people die each year, war will leave you with scars for the rest of your life, and that war doesn't allow us to all get along with one another. As a reporter I will tell you the horrific truth that happens to soldiers who are in war.
As a reporter in the war I have saw so many things that people had to go through that many others do not know about. Soldiers would get seasick on the boats and weren't able to lie down, they still had to go fight and do their job. The soldiers are getting attacked and most of them are falling off the ship and into the water. Soldiers are dying everywhere and other soldiers are continuing to try and help their fellow mates who are in the water. Men would die trying to save someone else's life. You would see them struggle trying to get out of the water so they can run and get to safety. Some would lose a body part, grab it, and try to run for safety so they can get help to re-attach it later. Men would be laying on ground with their intestines all over the place knowing that they were going to die. The worst part I had to witness was the soldiers who were alive ran out of ammunition so they went to the soldiers who were injured lying on the ground and told them they were going to die so they took what they needed and left them there. It is sad seeing what I had to witness. This is why war shouldn't go on because many innocent people die and it's just sad what they have to go through that many will never know. One can only imagine what the families of the soldiers go through as well. There are children losing parents, wives losing husbands, and also parents losing children. Imagine how prosperous the world could be if we all got along and there was no such thing as war.