George Washington

by : Delila Velasquez

1.and 2. gorge Washington birthday, his death and what he is famous for.

George Washingtonians Birthday is on February 11th 1732. he died on December 14 he died because he had pneumonia. George Washington is famous for being the first present of the untied stats of America.

3. and 4. living hood

George Washington was one of the ten child he played with his brother and sisters because he had no neighbors he liked school and learning his father died when he was 11 years old. Gorge Washington was the first prentsent he had a house that is called mt. vernon.

Gorge Washington

5. and 6.gorges Quote

''observe good faith and justice toward all nations cultivate peace and harmony with all.''

7. life lesson

the life lesson I learned is to always believe in your self.
George Washington - Mini Biography

8.descerib george

I can describe George Washington by nice,brave,strong,freless and kind.

9. five words I can describe George Washington.

I Learned that George Washington is smart, brave,nice,kind and the first President.

10. the researcher I did .

one of the researcher I did was when George Washington was born and gorge Washington is famous for gorge Washingtonians child hood George Washingtonians life story.