My Digital Dossier

By Zayd h. 7A

Common Places

The many places on the Internet I visit are mainly educational. This includes D2L, Gmail, Wikipedia, online dictionaries, and several presentation tools (SMORE, Piktochart, Prezi, etc.)

The Journey

Early Years

During my early years, doctors would be taking notes and tests on me, even before I was born! This is where it all began, in the hospital. My family would have taken a whole bunch of pictures the day I came home. This can be sent to relatives and friends.
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The middle of my life (4-8 years of age)

Several pictures would have been put on the computer, also school pictures. My school file would open and a numerous amount of information would go in. This includes my age, birthday, gender, contact numbers (emergency purposes), etc. Also, in my medical reports, it would say I got glasses. Finally I would have opened my first online game account, Club Penguin. I did this with the help of my mom, as I did not know too much about Internet safety back then.

Little from the past... to now (9-12 years)

I received several doctor's reports that were put in my online file. When I was About ten years old, I started to collect limited edition coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. I made a few online orders with my fathers help to buy the coins. Also, I opened several accounts in grade 7, mainly for different presentation tools (Smore, Piktochart, Powtoon, etc.) . These were all opened using my school e-mail, which is another communication tool I started using in middle school.

This is just the beginning!!

If this is how big my dossier is in twelve years, it would be impossible to think how big it would be in fifty or more years!