All about Portugal

By Alex Conway

About portugal

Portugal joined the EU in 1986.

Portugal was not a founding country

History of Portugal

It was part of Spain once

Portugal is located next to Spain and by the Atlantic ocean


The flag was adopted on June 30 1911

The flag was used since a revolution overthrew the monarchy on October 5 1910

The green stripe represents one third of the flag

The red stripe represents the other two thirds of the flag

Then there is a coat of arms with the country's traditional shield centered on the Portuguese flag where the two colors meet

Capital and other cities of portugal

The capital of Portugal is Lisbon.

Other cities of Portugal are Porto, Coimbra, Braga, and Faro


Places that people should go to are Douro, Belem Tower, Lisbon zoo, Porto Cathedral, and navy museum


Some physical features of Portugal are Tagus River, rolling planes, Hill of crosses, Zemiciai highlands, and the pajiuys lowlands

Government type

The government type of Portugal is representative or parliamentary

Currency type

Before Portugal used the Euro, they used the 1.09 US Dollar

Interesting facts of portugal

The vasco da gama bridge in Lisbon is actually the longest bridge in Europe

China remained a Portuguese country until 1999

Portugal is the largest producer of cork in the world